Terezín transports were organized with a cruel sense of order and machinery. 139 517 Jews from Bohemia and Moravia, Germany, Austria, Holland, Danmark, Slovakia, and Hungary have been deported into Terezín Ghetto. 33 521 of them died here and 87 063 of them were taken to the eastern death camps.

Due to nazi perfectionism the almost complete lists of people and their transport numbers has been collected and the lists then remained in Terezín Ghetto History Department.

The recent document Terezinska pametni kniha (Memorial Book of Terezin) collects in strict hearttearing form the names of each of 73 608 Jews (in a form of "entry") from Bohemia and Moravia. The large book was issued in 1995 by Terezinska iniciativa and Melantrcih Publ.

There is a presumably complete list of transports to and from Terezin Ghetto in two volumes - written in Czech. In case of Jews from Bohmen and Mahren, there is a complete name index, date of birth, date of their arrival to Terezin, the date and the code of their next deportation, the date and the place of their death, eventually an indication whether he or she survived. Jews of other countries which were detained in Terezin can be looked for by name directly in Museum History Department in Terezin. The document helps to identify the transport record which included the date of birth and pre-war addresses. The list will be supplemented soon by the names of detainees of other nations.

The document also contains a names of those very few who survived in Terezín or in other locations.

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Terezin Memorial Book errata 1 - those who survived
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On the Memorial Book of Terezin - Genocide of Czech Jews - by renown historian Miroslav Karný of The Terezin Initiative

Acknowledgement : Data were retrieved from czech-written documentary books :

Miroslav Kárný: Konečné řešení. Genocida českých židů v německé protektorátní politice. (Ultimate solution. The genocide of Czech Jews in German Protectorate Politics). Academia, Praha 1991.

Josef Polák, Karel Lagus: Město za mřížemi. (The town behind the bars). Naše vojsko, Praha 1964.

Vzpominky ... in Czech only
History of Jewish Community in Osoblaha ... in Czech only

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